Counties and Facilities

Below is a description of detention centers followed by the 8 counties and dozens of facilities served by The Way Out.   Please consider joining one of our ministry teams in your county.   


city or county, awaiting disposition or serving sentence, all types of crimes (felony and misdemeanor)


state or federal, convicted felons serving out sentence

Halfway House:

private or contracted, alternative sentencing and transition re-entry from prison

Drug and Alcohol Treatment:

private, mandatory sentence or self-imposed

Homeless Centers:



 Cuyahoga County


Judge Nancy R McDonnell Community Based Correctional Facility(JNRMCBCF)

3540 Croton Road, Cleveland, Ohio 44115


Fannie M. Lewis Community Corrections and Treatment Center(FMLCCTC)

1829 East 55th Street, Cleveland, Ohio 44103

These private facilities are operated by the nonprofit Oriana House. Oriana House provides quality and humane chemical dependency treatment and community corrections services to clients while contributing to safer communities. It is the policy of Oriana House, Inc., to treat all clients regardless of race, ethnicity, color, national origin, disability, age, sex, veteran or military status, or religion. Oriana House facilities provide alternative sentencing, half way house re-entry, and extensive programming and client assistance.
JNRMCBCF is an alternative sentencing male facility providing corrections programs that are part of an overall strategy to help offenders become a positive part of the community.

FMLCCTC provides housing for men and women that have served their sentence in state and federal prisons. They provide extensive programs and helps to assist the client in their return as a citizen.

TWO provides weekly chapel services, Bible studies and one on one discipleship to the men and women in these facilities.

 Cuyahoga County Jail

Cuyahoga County Sheriff
1215 West 3rd Street, Cleveland, Ohio 44113

Cuyahoga County Correction Center (CCCC) is a unique facility. CCCC houses male and female inmates with approximately ten different classifications, from Pretrial Felons to Sentenced Misdemeanants; Juveniles to Adults; County, State and Federal jurisdictions. The Average Length of Stay for the Pretrial inmate is approximately 32 days, while the ALS for the Sentenced Misdemeanor averages 130 days.

TWO chaplains and volunteers provide a monthly chapel service.

Homeless Ministry

The Way Out Prison Ministry has the privilege of partnering with the “Metenoia Project” of greater Cleveland.  Metenoia provides shelter, meals, clothing, showers, and spiritual support to the homeless and disadvantaged.  We thank St Malachi Church, 2459 Washington Ave, Cleveland, OH 44113 for allowing us to use their facilities to provide these much needed services to those who are in need.

TWO volunteers provide weekly Bible studies and one on one discipleship

Geauga County

Geauga County Safety Center (GCSC)

12450 Merritt Rd. Chardon, Ohio 44024

GCSC is a jail housing both male and female inmates. Inmates with felonies and misdemeanors are serving their sentence or awaiting sentencing. The facility also houses “Immigration and Customs Enforcement” (ICE) for those violations of federal law.  

TWO chaplains and volunteers provide weekly Bible studies to both male and female residents.
Lorain County

Grafton Reintegration Center

(GRC), 2000 South Avon Belden Road, Grafton, Ohio 44044

Grafton Correctional Complex (GCC) is a medium security male prison, housing Level 1 (minimum) and 2 (medium) security inmates. Grafton Correctional Institution (GCI) and the Grafton Reintegration Center (GRC), which serves as the camp and is the former North Coast Correctional Treatment Facility.

TWO volunteers and chaplains provide weekly Bible studies, one on one discipleship and quarterly chapel services.
Lorain Correctional
Lorain Correctional Institution (LorCI),
2075 South Avon-Belden Road, Grafton, Ohio 44044

LorCI is a prison housing male inmates with security levels from 1-3. LorCI is a reception facility from which inmates will be transferred to their primary prison.


TWO chaplains and volunteers provide monthly Bible studies and quarterly chapel services.    


Portage County
Portage-Geauga County Juvenile Detention Center (PGJDC),
8000 Infirmary Road, Ravenna, OH 44266

Portage-Geauga Juvenile Detention Center is a state prison. This facility is operated by the state of Ohio and is used to house and rehabilitate criminals. Inmates at Portage-Geauga OH Juvenile Detention Center are generally housed in locked cells during the night and are provided certain privileges such as the use of a recreation area, TV, phones and in some cases may have a job within the prison.

 TWO chaplains and volunteers provide a weekly Bible study to the male and female youth
Summit County – Baird Campus

Summit County Jail

205 East Crosier Street, Akron, OH 44311

The Summit County Jail is classified by the State of Ohio as a “full service” detention center. That means it is operated twenty-four (24) hours a day, three hundred sixty-five (365) days a year.

SummitCounty CBCF

Oriana House

Summit County Community Based Correctional Facility (CBCF)

264 East Crosier Street, Akron, Ohio 44311


Cliff Skeen Community Based Correctional Facility for Women (CSCBCF)

941 Sherman Street, Akron, Ohio 44311


Residential Correctional Center (RCC)

222 Power Street

Akron, Ohio 44304


TWO chaplains and volunteers conduct weekly Bible studies, chapel services and one on one discipleship



Summit County – Glenwood Campus
Community Alternative Sentencing Center (CASC)
40 E Glenwood Ave., Akron, OH 44304-1136

The Summit County Sheriffs Office also provides security services for CASC, a satellite minimum-security facility operated in conjunction with Oriana House, Inc. All deputies assigned to the two facilities are certified peace officers and are utilized by the Sheriff to respond to civil disturbances


Summit County- Oriana House
Glenwood RIPP

Residential Institutional Probation Program (RIPP)

40 East Glenwood Avenue, Akron, Ohio 44304

Terrance Mann Center
Terrence Mann Residential Center (TMRC)

55 East Glenwood Avenue, Akron, Ohio 44304

Special Housing Adjustment Residential Program (SHARP)

55 East Glenwood Avenue, Akron, Ohio 44304

TWO chaplains and volunteers conduct weekly Bible studies, chapel services and one on one discipleship


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