The Way Out Prison Ministry (TWO) is a local mission serving your community.  Chaplains and local church volunteers minister to the inmates between incarceration and their return as citizens.  These people are your family, friends and neighbors.  The Way Out seeks faithful men and women from local churches to serve as chaplains and volunteers to bridge this gap.    

People are in a crisis.  They believe that their lives are ruined; destroyed by bad choices.  They believe they will never be accepted back into the community, forever marked by their crime. They have no peace, no purpose, no joy and no hope.  They are looking for a Way Out. 

As a ministry of Hope, The Way Out (TWO) chaplains and volunteers share the Good News of Jesus Christ in various types of correctional facilities and detention centers.  TWO trained staff chaplains in partnership with local church volunteers lead chapel services, conduct creative Bible studies, and provide one-on-one discipleship. 

We bring the church into jail so that Christ will be exalted, relationships will be grown and redeemed souls would attend the local church.  Fellowship in the church is the primary source of “after-care” (i.e., after release) to these returning citizens as His church provides the necessary environment for spiritual growth to live as God intended.   


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