HOW PEOPLE CHANGE by Paul Tripp Ministry, Christian Counseling Education Foundation 
LIVING THE CHRISTIAN LIFE by The Way Out Prison Ministry
The following lessons require Adobe Acrobat Reader to open and print.  These Bible studies are in booklet form.  In order to print the booklet, they are designed to print double sided, then folded.  Please follow your printers directions for printing both sides.  Select “Flip on short edge” or “left/short binder edge” if your printer automatically prints both sides.  Depending on your browser and/or printer, those selections might be somewhat different.  Test print one copy to be sure it folds correctly.
The following file is the Teaching Notes document for all of the above Bible Studies.  These notes are for the volunteers leading the Bible studies.  They are in one pdf file for all the lessons.  These Teaching Notes print as whole, single pages and are not in booklet form.
Click on the link below to open the Teaching Notes file.