The Way Out Prison Ministry seeks followers of Jesus Christ that have a passion to share their love for Christ. The people to whom you minister will see your love for Christ before they will hear anything you say.  God calls us to be salt and light and that is the heartbeat of the volunteers with our ministry.

The incarcerated are in a crisis. We want to show them the Christ of every crisis. They believe that their lives are ruined; destroyed by bad choices. They believe they will never be accepted back into the community, forever marked by their crime. They have no peace, no purpose, no joy, and no hope.  They are looking for a Way Out.

They have little knowledge of the Bible. We want to bring the Word of God to life for them and for them to know that the word of God has relevance in their day to day circumstances; to know that God loves them and that through a relationship with Jesus Christ their sins are forgiven, and they become a new creation in Christ. We want them to know that God has a plan for their life and that there is hope. We do this through creative Bible studies, worship filled chapel services, and one on one discipleship.

The Way Out provides support for your ministry. We process the application forms you will need to fill out to gain admission to the correctional centers. We will teach you, train you, provide Bibles, literature, teaching lessons, and all types of resources.  We have over 40 years of experience in ministry.

Consider serving with The Way Out Prison Ministry: Join a chapel service team, lead a Bible study, be a Bible study helper, correspond with an inmate; provide music for chapel services, or help with our many projects.  Interested individuals may reach us by contacting



The Way Out Prison Ministry seeks qualified volunteers to serve on its Board of Directors. A desire for addressing the needs of the community we serve is a must. Personal or professional experience related to our ministry is a plus. Our engaged board includes individuals with experience in ministry, business, administration accounting, donor development, fundraising and events. Interested individuals may reach us by contacting office@thewayoutministry.org